Romney Love

As part of my ‘Year of Longwool’, I pulled out some of the Romney I’ve had in my stash for a while.

Southern Cross Fibre

This is from Southern Cross Fibres in a colour called ‘Binary Sunset’. It was a club colourway that I acquired through a destash. I totally fell in love with the colour, but it sat in my stash for a while because I wasn’t sure about the whole Romney thing. I was worried about mucking it up and I was too in love with the colour to spin it badly.

Having a few longwools under my belt, I finally had the courage to spin it. I loved spinning this. It made me happy every time I looked at the filling bobbin.

I spun it up as a single on my Louet Victoria because I really wanted to keep the colours intact. It worked up to a lovely worsted-aran weight yarn with beautiful drape and sheen. I’m in love with this yarn even more than I was in love with the fibre.

Binary Sunset Romney

The skein worked out to 175m, and I’m going to do something special with it, but what that special something is has yet to be determined. I’m thinking something that isn’t a wearable. For the moment I’m going to happily pet the skein.