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Tofutsies Summer Socks

I have three days and one sock to go in order to finish my sock for the Sock-a-month KAL. I’ve finished a pair of sock every month since at least January of 2008 when I first joined the SAM KAL and would hate to miss out now.

My socks for this month are simple and they started with the best of intentions. I diligently cast on at the first of the month and was at the heel flap on the same day. Then they sat. And sat. And sat for over three weeks. I finally picked them up again knowing full well I needed them done by Thursday. I kitchenered the toe on the first sock yesterday and am now well into the ribbing of the second sock, and since they are summer socks with a short leg, it won’t be long before I hit the heel flap.


Pattern: Basic 64 stitch top down sock with heel flap and gusset
Yarn: Tofutsies by SWTC
Needles: 2.25mm

However, beyond the sock itself, I want to talk about the yarn today. Tofutsies by South West Trading Company is a well known and fairly popular yarn. It’s also a yarn that you either love or hate as many people find the it is very splitty. I haven’t had problems with splitting, although I rarely do so that is probably something to do with the way I knit. It is a slightly thinner sock yarn, or what I would call a light fingering. When I knit my first pair of Tofutsies socks using the Pomatomus (Ravel it) I looked at other Ravelers projects to see what needle size they used, and more often then not I found that 2.5mm was a popular size. As a tight knitter, I decided to follow the trend and back in September of 2008 I made my pomatomus.

Love the pattern. Hate these socks, although I didn’t realize it when they came off the needles. It’s not entirely the fault of the yarn, but rather the yarn and pattern combined. For now, lets deal with the yarn as I have a issues with the socks, which is evident in the photos if you look carefully. See the large holes in the lace?


See how stretched out the ribbing on the heel is?


These are the first signs I had used the wrong sized needle. After about six wearings I’m about ready to bin the socks. They are loose and by the end of the day I may as well wear bags on my feet. The yarn is also not wearing well. After a half dozen wearings you can see how the yarn is disintegrating.


I’ve never had a pair of sock wear like that. The socks have no bounce and the bottom has no stitch definition left. They’ve also stretched out. However, the yarn is so light and cool I am determined to make a nice pair of summer socks, but this time using smaller needles. The difference between 2.5mm and 2.25mm needles is minimal in terms of numbers, but in terms of making socks it makes all the difference. Every sock I’ve knit on 2.5mm needles has turned out disasterous in the end (usually bagging after wear and the yarn not wearing well), so I’m giving the Tofutsies another try, this time on the smaller needles. I’ll post an updated review after a bit of wearing.

As for the Pomatomus pattern, I do plan to knit that again, too. Next time I’ll use wool yarn and I’ll go back to my trusty 2.25mm needles. I really think that the lace pattern of the sock needs the tighter gauge to keep it’s shape and body… after all, it’s lace.