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Font Friday -- Polaroid 22

I love this font. In fact, I loved it so much I bought the Polaroid stamp that Ma Vinci made. :)

Font Friday -- Runes & Elvish

Yep, I’m having fun. :) But I think these would look wonderful on a fantasy style altered book or ATC.

Font Friday -- Western

Here are a few of my favourite Western style fonts. Hope you enjoy. :)

Font Friday -- Mudshake 83

From one of my favourite font creators. :)

I’ve been working like a busy little bee for the last week, trying to finish things up. I’ll be posting some of that progress over the next few weeks. Hope it was worth the wait. :)

Font Friday -- Thirsty for Souls

I came across this one which was uploaded yesterday… it amused me to no end, so I though I’d share. Love the paint-sploch look. :)

Font Friday -- Grid Fonts

I don’t know what it is, but I just like grids. I use them a lot in my work, although since discovering this little pattern I’ve tried to both avoid or enhance those grids and lines in a given work. On that theme, I thought I’d share some of my favourite grid fonts. :)

Font Friday -- Oriental Characters

A few oriental fonts to get you through the day. These are perfect for altered books, ATCs and other altered art projects, especially if you don’t have a large array of rubber stamps of this variety. Since these are dingbats, I’ve typed them out as ABCD…. just click on the links to see the full character spread.

Chinese Whisper:



VT Mei Ornaments:

VT Mei Ornaments on Black:


Font Friday -- A Little Rounded

A few rounded fonts today. I love coaster… very retro. :)

And today’s fonts are dedicated to Anna Sigga… cause she rocks my world. And Svala, too. :)

Font Friday -- Cars

In honour of me really wanting to see the movie Cars by Pixar, I thought I’d share this font with you. It came up as a new font as of 2 days ago, so it might also be new to many of you. This could be great for a boy’s layout or other male themed item.

Font Friday -- Dingbats for Altered Art

I just had to share these with you. They are great little dingbats that are perfect for altered arts, ATCs, making backgrounds or anything that needs a touch of ephemera when you don’t have quite the right rubber stamps. As when I usually do dingbats, I’ve tried to show the (nearly) complete set in the sample images. :)

Crowns and Coronets:

Dead Letter Office: