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My Best Feature

This is my entry for the first Keeping Up With The Joneses. The theme for this challenge was to scrap you best feature.

It didn’t take me long to realize what feature I wanted to write about, but I didn’t have a printed photograph so instead I decided to sketch instead. Given my journalling, I think a drawing of my hands was actually quite appropriate.

Although I had originally intended to do a scrapbook page, the ideas evolved on their own and I ended up creating a journal page instead. The journalling fills the back page of the drawing and onto the next which features the title. I use Sakura pigma pens to do the title and journalling, and Sakura stardust pens to give the title a bit of shine.

New Sketchbook

I’ve been wanting a proper sketchbook for a while, so I decided to make one myself. Although the content will be of a generally botanical nature, this book will hence forth be known as the ‘Tree Book’ since it has an image of a tree on the cover.

I always find the first page you do in a book is the hardest because you have that feeling of not wanting to mess it up. So I chose a page a little further along in the book that had a slight mark on it (a bit of excess paint from when I washed all the pages with a bit of colour) and decided to use a stamped image. I call it getting my feet wet…. and since this book will be a combination of stamped images, sketches and writings I figured I may as well start off with something on the easier side.