Multnomah continues

It is Tour de Fleece time, which means less knitting is getting done right now. I have, however, been making good progress on my Multnomah shawl. Unfortunately, my needles are too short to actually show you the progress, so here is a look at the border:


I’ll be knitting until I basically run out of yarn, and I have 39g (of 200ish) left. I had two skein of this handspun, so I knit the garter section until I nearly finished the skein and had a repeat of 32 stitches plus the border/centre stitches before starting the feather and fan section.

The rows are long now, but I’m really hoping that I’ll be blocking this shawl in the coming week, fingers crossed.


Hi, I have tried leaving a comment on your rug page but it won’t let me. I just wanted to let you know that I have featured that project on my blog.
Thanks for sharing that beautiful rug and pattern with us.

Karen · 14 July 2012, 18:06 · #