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Leaf ATC for RR participants

The ATC was done in the same manner as I did the leaf page as I wanted to be able to give each of the participants a ‘piece’ of the book to remember. I had far too much fun stitching all those leaves. :)

Just as a note, I fused the background fabric to Pelmet Vilene using Bondaweb and cut out pieces that were slightly larger than ATC size before doing the FME to create a more stable base. Once the stitching was finished, I cut the ATCs down to the correct dimensions.

Your Horns Are Showing ATC Swap

I had a lot of fun making these. I made copies of some of my cabinet cards and handcoloured the images with soft pencils before adding some horns and red eyes.

Puzzle Pieces ATC Swap

These were so much fun to do. :)

The background were made by smearing dye inkpads across the cardstock and blending them with a babywipe. The backgrounds were then stamped with versamark and lightly chalked with a similar colour to the background. The borders were created using Sakura glaze pens of a similar colour dotted along the edges.

The puzzle pieces themselves were cut from chipboard, painted with layers of gesso and acrylic to create a light texture, wiped with a neutral dye inkpad and blended in with a baby wipe. Once dry, the piece were stamped and the edges were guilded with a metallic gold paint pen.

Southwest Style Swap

This swap goes postal tomorrow. I’m particularly fond of the Kokopelli. :)

Beaded Beauties

Another swap, this one will be going postal this weekend. The two ladies on the left are from cabinet cards which I’ve coloured with soft pencils, while the one on the right is a rubber stamped image which is coloured with watercolour pencils and coloured pencils.

Travel ATCs

This was for the Travel: America, Russia, Australia swap. I had so much fun with this! Since I didn’t have any appropriate images available, I sketched these out in ink by hand and they were coloured with watercolour pencils and colouring pencils. I forgot how long it’s been since I’ve sketched… it felt really good, but I think this is something I need to do far more often as I felt so rusty. I tried to pick out some famous landmarks for each country—the Golden Gate bridge, St. Basil’s basilica, and Sydney skyline—although I admit to taking a few liberties.

Celestial Stamp Swap

We had a theme of Celestial images that were rubber stamped, and these are the cards…. they went postal last week. :)

Altered Playing Cards Swap

These have already gone postal… I think the intention of the swap was to do cards like the one on the left, but as I generally have a hard time not bending the rules a bit I only did one like that. Personally, I’m quite partial to the middle one…. it’s probably the colour. :)

Lots of stuff on here, but big thanks to Lynette for the images on the 9 of hearts (by Blue Cardigan, now owned by Imagination Project. I’ve been saving them for a specific project but I figured I could spare a couple) and to Anna for the Prima flowers.

ATC gifts

When my fabric book went out on Thursday (yeah!) I also sent out these ATCs, one for each participant, as a thank you. They are done in the same manner as the Sign-In page, with each personalized with the first initial of each participant, one for myself, and I ended up with an extra simply because I had enough fabric and didn’t want it to go to waste.

Hope you like them ladies! :)

Vintage Sewing Forms swap

I couldn’t help but sign up for this swap. With my background in textiles and a love for vintage items, this swap was simply calling my name. These go postal on Monday. :)

This’ll be the last of my ATCs until I finish off my Fabric Book RR…. unless of course I have some time to kill while my fabric dries. ;)