Layouts within a theme

I’ve been trying to put together a section in our albums about the town where my kids were born. Places we visited/loved, landmarks, etc that were part of our lives there. My son will never know Newcastle (except through our scrapbooks) unless he visits there, though my daughter might.

Before we moved, I made a list of photos I wanted to make sure I had. After printing (and in some cases reprinting in a smaller size) my photos, I organised them into my photo sleeves by groupings that would work for layouts. Some groups were about a single place (ie: the Castle), some by connection (ie: art), and then some that were just general photos.

I’ve been slowly working through the pile, and I thought I’d share a sampling of the layouts I’ve done. In some cases I even went into my storage binders for additional photos, such as on this layout, where I pulled out a few group shots from various events at the university where my husband studied and worked.

On this layout I pulled photos from various visits (I love doing that):

Some layouts contained multiple stories. Stories about the city. Stories about our loves and experiences in the city:

Some are simply about particular sites we simply love (and why).

Some layouts are groupings of photos within a district of the city. There are some points of interest I have no desire to make a layout about, and that’s where this type of compilation works really well as I can easily name the sites and leave it as that.
Newcastle Quayside

And other sites are too unique or memorable and need a bit more story.

I could have made a simple two page spread with a variety of photos and called it a day, but I thought my children would love to read about what made our favourite places special. We spent a good chunk of our lives there, and I think those stories are important.